Host Your Own Private Fishing Tournament

Who is the best angler? Time to settle the score
Who is the best angler? Time to settle the score!

Does your uncle think he's a better angler than you?

Is your little sister constantly rubbing her big catch in your face?

Are You dying to finally show your grandma that you can indeed whip her fanny at catching bluegills if only there was a standardized way to prove it?

You're in luck - the Angler Action Foundation's current membership drive will allow YOU to host your own private fishing tournament in the iAngler Tournament app. A FREE tournament web page and leaderboard will be included, which will live in perpetuity on the web so you can constantly refer your friends and family to your crushing victory over your grandma.

Right now, a basic membership ($10 donation) allows you to host a tournament that will finally establish the bragging rights in your family or close circle of friends. Here's what your donation gets you:

  • Select any single species to target for a day
  • Choose up to 5 anglers for your event
  • Select the date of your tournament
  • Establish point criteria, by 'count' or 'length'
  • Compete!
  • Visit your personal web page leaderboard any time after the event

This Could Be Your Tournament!








Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Visit AAF’s website Donation page and contribute at least $10
  2. Download the free iAngler Tournament app, create an account (username, password, etc.)
  3. Forward your email receipt to
  4. Include these items in your email:
    1. Your name, iAngler Tournament Username, your personal tournament name, and date, target fish (one only), criteria (length or count)
    2. Include the names of the anglers you are competing against (up to 5 total, including yourself)
  5. Download the free iAngler Tournament app

Your tournament will be set up for you, and you will receive instructions regarding how to add your competing field of anglers. That’s it!



The iAngler Tournament app is free, and can be found in both Apple and Android app stores. You can also simply use the website, A free webpage will be created for your personal tournament as well, which includes a leaderboard.

Catches will be auto-approved. If you or an angler makes an error reporting a catch, you can email for a manual correction.

Once your tournament is created, you will receive an email from AAF that includes your new web page and quick ‘what’s next’ notes and instructions.

Why Join AAF

Your membership not only affords you the opportunity to enjoy a friendly day of fishing competition with you and your family or friends, but your donation supports AAF’s very important mission.

AAF has been dedicated to helping fishery managers better understand our fisheries through innovative data collecting techniques (such as this tournament app). Our flagship apps, iAngler and MyFishCount, are both FREE and powerful fishing log books for you, and we invite you do also download them and user them every time you fish.

We are also dedicated to habitat conservation and restoration, and currently are involved in a $1.1 million sea grass restoration project in the Caloosahatchee River in SW Florida. Our volunteers have planted thousands of mangroves, shoreline grasses, and picked up tons of trash during organized AAF events.

THANK YOU for donating and helping us create a #BrighterFishingFuture for all.


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