Angler Action Program

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The iAngler research program primarily focusses on understanding the main issues facing recreational anglers today and how can we address them - individually and as a group
Back in the day, anglers were seen as people who connected with aquatic ecosystems. Today, not so much… There are many of us – millions! There has been no single conservation outfit that had broad appeal towards conservation. Many non-fishing groups don’t understand angling. Poor actions of a few end up representing all of us.




The number of anglers
out there in America


The retail sales
US dollars in fishing industry


The impact of the
fishing initiatives


We are committed to make these numbers work for us, not against us.
This can only be accomplished through new and creative applications of cutting-edge technology, in a way that promotes a single mission of all anglers to work towards a brighter fishing future.



The Angler action program aims to improve the fish habitat using a voluntary community based approach to report your catch logs. The Angler Action portal and apps provide an easy to use method of recording your trips as well as each fish.

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iAngler data means better Decisions

There is no better means for state and federal government to capture recreational angler fishery data that using the iAngler program. The information on the fish we release is most needed – and iAngler provides it formatted in a way that managers understand and can use for making better decisions.



The iAngler Partnership Program

The partnership programs are important because they allows anglers to participate directly in management and provide a ‘second set of eyes’ on raw data Trust between anglers and managers leads to better overall conservation. In some areas, only 3 weekends of season since 2014 have been announced. Since the iAngler program provides better decision making capabilities, Anglers are regaining trust in leaders.

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The iAngler Research scope

Growing rapidly with 30,000 users across our many platforms
Expand reach in Salt and Fresh Water
New Partnerships with SAFMC and FWC to help solve Red Snapper & other species issues
Other states and councils inquiring about coming aboard the AAF