The iAngler App

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 07:20
The Angler action program aims to improve the fish habitat using a voluntary community based approach to report your catch logs. The Angler Action portal and apps provide an easy to use method of recording your trips as well as each fish.

Create Trips

Create a Trip with to keep the logs of one trip together

Personal Log

Your Trips are saved on the server and can be retrieved at any time

Simple and Easy

It takes about 3 minutes on a average for a new angler to setup the app, create a trip and log their first catch.

Log your Catch

Provide the species, add a picture, record your observation - keep or release it

Favorite Locations

You can mark a location as favorite and keep coming back to log there

Share with Friends

Share your trip summary with friends on social media

Why download iAngler?

The free applications (Apple and Android) allow you to contribute valuable data for fishery management, and you can keep a powerful fishing logbook. The entire system is private and password protected - other anglers can not see your personal fishing information such as locations.
It's easy - download the free apps, or log at the website,




Science that improves Individual Fishing


With the iAngler app every angler can see the Fish Image, Depth Fished Location
where caught, caught/released status, Where hooked, Release condition and much more