Where are our Conservation efforts focussed?

Submitted by Brett Fitzgerald on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 10:38
The Angler Action Foundation’s mission is to aid in the protection and preservation of current fish populations for future generations by facilitating coordination between anglers, researchers, and policy makers. Our conservation efforts span across a variety of areas – continue below to learn more.

Habitat Restoration

The Angler Action Foundation believes in functional habitat restoration and improvement. Whether it means forming local volunteer groups to adopt specific locations, or designing and implementing large-scale restoration projects such as our 20-acre tape grass restoration project in the Caloosahatchee River, we aim to allow all recreational anglers help us lead the way towards a brighter fishing future.

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Habitat Adoption

SGF and Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management have developed a new ‘adoption’ partnership at the beautiful Jupiter Ridge Natural Area and the Snook Islands Natural Area. This will bring AAF members and volunteers into the fold as the county strives to maintain and improve our coastal habitats. “Citizen involvement is an important step towards ensuring long-term stewardship, and we hope this partnership can be a model for Palm Beach County, SGF, and other municipalities around the country,” said Holly Andreotta, Angler Action Volunteer Coordinator.

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Catch logging

The iAngler program by the Angler Action Foundation helps to conserve fish and their habitats. The logging process is fast and easy, and encourages catch-photo-release fishing where applicable, and is available across the country for all styles of fishing. The program has the support of several conservation organizations as well as major industry brands such as Yamaha Motors.

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Affiliation Programs

Angler Action foundation has been working with the following affiliations:

  • Angler Action
  • Anglers for Conservation
  • Bonefish-Tarpon Trust
  • Boynton Beach Fishing Club
  • Canaveral Guide
  • Casting for Cats
  • CBs Outfitters
  • CCA Florida
  • CCA FLorida STAR
  • Central Florida Offshore Anglers
  • Chesapeake Catch
  • Deep Blue Sea Red Snapper Derby
  • Ducks Unlimited Band the Slam
  • FFFA
  • Fish In OC
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife Research
  • Florida Sport Fishing Association
  • Florida Sportsman's Forum Community
  • Florida Sportswoman
  • Gulf Cove Fishing Club
  • Gulf Red Snapper
  • Gulf Red Snapper Charter
  • Guy Harvey Outpost
  • Halifax Sport Fishing Club (HSFC.com)
  • Hardcore Fishing A.C.
  • IGFA
  • IWFA
  • Joe Bay Angler Survey
  • Kayak Club
  • Kayak Fishing ClassicS
  • Kayakeros Del Este
  • NPS: ENP
  • Orlando Kayak Fishing Club
  • Orvis
  • Pesca, Playa y Ambiente
  • PHUHS Fishing Club
  • Pinellas Park HS Fishing Club
  • Port St.Lucie Anglers
  • SE Atlantic Red Snapper Study
  • Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Assoc.
  • Sol Margin Fishing
  • South Shore Anglers
  • Sportfishermen of Broward (SOB)
  • St. Lucie County Artificial Reefs Project
  • Stuart Rod & Reel Club
  • Summer's End Fishing Derby
  • Suncoast Fly Fishers
  • Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Club (TBFFC)
  • Teen Anglers
  • TRCP
  • United Striped Bass 2 Gamefish
  • Virginia Freshwater Angler
  • Virginia Saltwater Angler
  • West Marine
  • West Palm Beach Fishing Club